Barrel 1 Winery

At the bottom of Goose Valley, below an ancient volcanic hill sits the Cassidy Family Estate, the location of Barrel 1 Winery. First planting grapes in 2001, it has grown to over 3,000 vines, one of the larger vineyards in the Ramona area. Blessed with great fruit, the winemakers at Barrel 1 do their best to gently shepherd the grapes through the wine making process. Artisinal in every way, from vine to bottle, each wine is made exclusively from naturally grown Estate grapes.


1007 Magnolia Avenue
, CA


(858) 204-3144

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Tasting Room

After patiently waiting years for the vines to reach the right level of maturity and the wine to barrel age, the Cassidy's proudly opened the Barrel 1 tasting room in April 2015.


Barrel 1 Winery